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How to copy trades

4 Simple Steps to Start



Open a trading account
with MarketsVox


Click here >

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Register on MVSocial or Chills
Trading platform

MVSocial >



Connect your MarketsVox trading account to your MVSocial platform

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Earn Income

Select and follow your preferred strategies to earn passive income

Login MVS


Go to the link MVSocial > 

and register if you are not registered yet.

STEP n2 c

click on "Сopytrading"
in the left control panel.

STEP n3 c

Read and click "Yes, I understand all risks" located at the bottom right of the screen.


Copy Trading Programs Screen

Click on any program to view details and sign up options for that program in the right control panel.


* If you are accessing the copy trading screen for the first time and haven't linked your trading account yet, it's essential to do so. Otherwise, the selection of copy trading programs will be unavailable.

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Current Space copy

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You now have a copy trading program in your workspace!

Platform Features


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Variety of leading trading strategies

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Transparent data for detailed analysis

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Creating your investment portfolio


Simple evaluation of your account performance

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Unlimited access through WebTrader

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