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Multi Account Manager (MAM)


Trade and manage multiple accounts via our cutting edge technology

What is a Multi Account Manager?

A Multi Account Manager (MAM) is simply a way to manage multiple accounts all via one account. It allows the manager to place multiple orders via one system which will be pushed automatically to the accounts they manage.

Features of the Multi Account Manager

MarketsVox utilises the state of the art MetaFX MAM software to support money managers with all their requirements. It is the ideal solution for simultaneous management of multiple accounts. It includes many features including:

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  • Multiple allocation types such as by equity, balance, percentage or lot.
  • Add and remove accounts in real time with no need to close positions.
  • Change allocations at any time with no restrictions.
  • Commission, markup and profit share settings all available.
  • Executing trades is as simple as using a regular MT5 terminal.
  • All allocations and reporting is in real time.
  • MetaFX MAM Manager platform available to all money managers.

Professional traders use the MarketsVox MAM to manage funds on behalf of their clients. Feel free to contact us to see how our MAM works.