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Exclusive trading contest
for FxCash clients

Deposit, Trade and Win

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    ! Do not delay • Duration 1 month !    


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Standard account

200 USD

for 1 month
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    200 USD via STICPAY
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    for 2 weeks



Who wins

The participant with the highest equity at the end of the round wins the main prize

dollars c
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Get your prize

We will have 3 prizes based on the highest equity by the end of the contest period.

1st > 600 USD

2d > 300 USD

3d > 100 USD


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Account type



   1 — Standard — —   
   2 — Standard — —   
   3 — Standard — —   
   4 — Standard — —   

Contest Rules

  1. Register a Standard account, 1:500 leverage. 
  2. Deposit account with 200 USD using any method you like.  
  3. Contact us via email support@forexvox.com and indicate the nickname you would like to use and the account number for us to register you for the contest. 
  4. The registration period for the contest is from December 12th, 2022 until December 27th, 2022. 
  5. The contest trading period is from December 28th, 2022 until January 27th, 2023.
  6. The participant is allowed to register for the contest after the trading period started. 
  7. 3 money prizes will be given to the winners: 600 USD for the first place, 300 USD for the second place, 100 USD for the third place. 
  8. The prize sizes will be cut in half in case the total number of participants is 20 or less. 
  9. The winners will be determined based on the highest equity on the last trading day. Please note! It is not allowed to conduct trades on the account before the start of the trading period. 
  10. The money prizes will be credited to the balance of the winners' trading accounts, that participate in the contest within 5 days after the contest ends, and will be available for withdrawal or further trading.
  11. The company reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion without preliminary notice.
  12. There are no restrictions on the partner revenue share from the trading accounts that participate in the contest.
  13. Only one account per trader may participate in the contest. 

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