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No Deposit Bonus from DatoRoss

    Offer valid till October 27th, 2023

The request of the bonus are accepted until November 10th, 2023

To get started, just Register and open Standard Account. After that, Contact us for a Bonus.

No Deposit Bonus from DatoRoss

Follow the three simple steps to get your bonus

steps 1


After registration, be sure to open
Standard account

step 2

Request the Bonus

Please contact us via
with the request for the No Deposit bonus USD30
Steps 3


Start trading once
you receive your bonus
Welcome DatoRoss Bonus Rules:

1. The No Deposit Welcome Bonus (hereinafter called the Bonus) is a special type of a Welcome Bonus available exclusively to the clients who were referred by or registered using the referral link of DatoRoss.

2. The size of the bonus is fixed, 30 USD.

3. Bonus can only be applied on a Standard trading account and this Bonus can be receive only once per lifetime of the account.

4. There are no requirements to make a deposit for new clients registered after this Bonus start to receive the Bonus, and all existing clients can apply to receive this Bonus after making a minimum deposit of 100 USD to the trading account in a single transaction.

5. Contact support@forexvox.com and indicate that you would like to apply Bonus to your account. 

6. Bonus funds will be added to Credit. The Bonus funds can be used during 'drawdown'.

7. The Bonus received cannot become available for withdrawal. Profits from trading on the account with Bonus can only be withdrawn after the Client trades the trading volume of 4 standard lots only on Forex and XAUUSD trading instruments and make a deposit to the trading account of at least 100 USD in a single transaction after the required volume of lots is traded in full. For the trading volume to count for lots requirements, profit or loss on trades should be greater than 5 pips (50 points).

8. The maximum profit a Client can withdraw from trading on the account with Bonus is 50 USD, while the minimum is 30 USD. In order to withdraw profit, the Company might request the Client to complete an additional liveness verification check.

9. The Bonus shall be available only for the period of 30 days from the day it received. After 30 days the Bonus is automatically cancelled from the account.

10. It’s not allowed to use Expert Advisor on a trading account with an active Bonus. 

11. Remuneration shall not be paid to the Introducing Broker who referred Client for volumes on trading accounts with an active Bonus.

12. Upon suspecting any suspicious or fraudulent activity on the account with Bonus, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Bonus and any trading results from trading with Bonus.

13. The Company reserves the right to decline the Client's request for the Bonus or cancel it at any moment without providing a reason.

14. The Company reserves the right to change these Rules or cancel them without prior notification.

15. Creating numerous accounts (in particular, accounts opened for/by close family members, affiliates or representatives of the Client) is strictly prohibited. If the Company believes multiple accounts are linked to one individual or to individuals collaborating in their actions, such accounts will be considered as a violation of these Rules and Company reserves the right to block such accounts and cancel Bonus and any trading results from trading with Bonus.

16. No other bonuses can be applied to a trading account with an active Bonus.

17. Client agrees to give feedback about the trading experience with the Company on one of the websites of the Company's choice.