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当您与 MarketsVox 进行交易时,您可以交易黄金和白银的全球价格。然而,当您交易差价合约时,您并不是实际买卖金属,而是能够从全球价格的波动中受益。这使您无论价格上涨还是下跌都可以获利。


METALS picture


  • 容易进入全球市场
  • 紧密的点差
  • 深度流动性
  • 低保证金


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  • 黄金和白银是以盎司为单位进行交易的
  • 它们可以用多种货币进行报价
  • 黄金通常被称为XAU
  • 白银通常被称为XAG

示例 1


如果您要交易黄金并以 1800 美元买入,如果价格上涨至 1825 美元,您将在黄金价格上赚 25 美元。

如果您要购买 1手黄金差价合约,这将导致 2500 美元的利润。但是,如果价格下跌 15 美元而您已经买入,您将损失 1500 美元。

示例 2


如果您交易白银并以 22 美元的价格买入,如果价格上涨 1 美元至 23 美元,您将在交易中获利 1 美元

如果您购买了 1 手 白银差价合约,价格上涨了 1 美元,那么您将获利 5000 美元。但是,如果价格跌至 19.50 美元,那么您将损失 2500 美元。

Example 1


  • If you were to trade Gold and you bought at $1800 and if the price was to rise to $1825, you would have made $25 on the price of Gold.
  • If you were to buy 1 CFD lot of Gold, this would result in a profit of $2500. However, if the price were to drop by $15 and you had bought it, you would make a loss of $1500. 
Example 2


  • If you were to trade Silver and bought at a price of $22 and if the price were to rise by $1 to $23 you would have made a profit of $1 on the trade.
  • If you were to trade Silver and bought at a price of $22 and if the price were to rise by $1 to $23 you would have made a profit of $1 on the trade.

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